Saturday, June 30, 2012

Love and HipHop Atlanta Episode 2- Joseline is Pregnant

                  Love & Hip Hop Atlanta | Pregnito

Okay, so Joseline is Pregnant by Stevie J. I guess that put an end to all the rumors of whether Joseline is a man or not.

 I love this show but at times it just seem so fake, a lot of the show does appear to be stage because why would Joseline let the camera's in the bathroom with her as she take's a pregnancy test.

Also can Mimi really be that naive, she say she want to hit Stevie J in his pockets where it's really going to hurt buy WHY? If they are together anyway, what's his should be hers anyway. So is money really worth putting up with hi sh*t. I THINK NOT!  

This episode shined a little light on lil Scrappy and his career. It's clear lil scrappy is now broke and living with his baby mother Erica. I was wondering why I have not heard any music from scrappy lately but now I know why. 

I'm not going to say much about lil scrappy because I love his mother and I don't want Momma Dee to get on me "and in that order".

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