Get to Know K Michelle

K Michelle is a 26 year old single mother from Memphis Tennessee. Alot of people have not heard of K Michelle until the show "Love and HipHop of Atlanta". She has been around for a while, long before the show. She is known for one of her biggest hits "Fallin". She signed to Jive Records back in December of 2008. 

There is where she met the love of her life Mickey Wright better known as "Memphitz" who is now married to Lil Wayne ex, Toya Carter.

K Michelle recently made claims on Love and HipHop, that she was abused by her ex Memphitz. Memphitz is a record executive over at Jive Records. 

Some call K Michelle the female R Kelly. There have been claims that K Michelle and R Kelly was once a couple, don't know if there is any truth to that but watch the video below.

R.Kelly and K Michelle Echo Remix Part 2

R.Kelly and K Michelle Echo Remix Part 2

K Michelle is under rated and that's just my personal opinion. She is a real singer and deserves more credit than what she received. The show Love and Hip Hop is going to put her over the top. K Michelle proves an old saying correct "Anything Worth Having is Worth Waiting For" she has waited, now I think she is about to blow up. 

Do Your Thing K Michelle, for those of you who question her talent check out the video below.

K Michelle Remixing Lil Wayne-How to Love (HOT)

More Photos of K Michelle-Watch YouTube Video

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