Get to Know Joseline Hernandez

I don't have a lot on Joseline Hernandez right now but I will be updating more information once I find out. For what I know and understand right now, Joseline use to be a stripper at a strip club in Miami. Joseline is known for her fiery role in Love and Hip Hop of Atlanta.

 Some accuse her of being a "man stealer". In the show Love and Hip Hop of Atlanta it's believed that Joseline Hernandez is involved sexually with Stevie J.

After the first episode of Love and Hip Hop of Atlanta aired, people quickly turned to social media questioning whether Hernandez was a man or a woman. Personally I did not question her sexuality during the  show but I did think she looked a little manly but after seeing the photo below, it really made me want to question her sexuality. Her hands are entirely too big for a woman.

Whether Joseline Hernandez is a man or woman, it's not for me to judge and I must admit that I respect her grind regardless. So, I say more power to you girl and keep doing what you do.

More Photos of Joseline Hernandez-Watch YouTube Videos Below

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