Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Episode 1

Here is a Pic of Half of the Love and HipHop of Atlanta Crew

Watch the First Episode Below:

This first Love and Hip Atl episode is crazy! Like, I literally watched this episode twice and usually I can't watch a reality show- same episode more than once.

For those who have not watched the episode yet, I don't want to give to give too much away but I love this cast.

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  1. Let me just state my opinion on the cast members. I'm going to go down the line.

    Lil Scrappy Mom: She is just crazy as hell but I love her and I'm Looking forward to seeing more of her in the up and coming episodes.

    Erica: I don't have to much to say about her yet, have to pick up on her personality a little more.

    Rasheeda: I've always like Rasheeda before she even came on the show.

    K Michelle: Damn, this is my girl but she is under rated for sure. I been on this girl from the beginning of her career and I think she deserves what ever success she get out of this show.

    Joseline: That bitch is crazy that's all I got to say. Some say they think she is Rihanna brother but I'm not going to say nothing about that.

    Mimi: She sweet just dealing with a dog of a boyfriend Stevie J

    Stevie J: I think Stevie is cute and he do have a smooth talk with him so I see how he get all the women.

    Lil Scrappie: I don't know what to say about Scrappie yet.